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Celebrating Women’s Month and the wonderful, talented and passionate women in wine at Haute Cabrière Estate.


You may know the men behind Haute Cabrière who have shone in the limelight for many decades as the pioneers and creative geniuses behind the wines, but do you know about the women in wine at Haute Cabrière? A driving force of Haute Cabrière since its inception, the women of the von Arnim family and the wider Haute Cabrière team have always been dedicated to our success and growth through empathetic leadership, clear vision, love of people and warm generosity. This Women’s Month in South Africa, we wanted to take some time to get to know the wonderful women in wine at our estate better. 

These are their stories.

Hildegard von Arnim at Haute Cabrière


One of half of the dynamic von Arnim duo that began it all, Hildegard and her husband, Achim, founded Haute Cabrière more than 40 years ago. While Achim led the way in the vineyards and cellar, Hildegard was his steadfast support helping to market the business and establish the brand, host tours and tastings, and share the story of the estate all while raising their four children and building a trusted, loyal and happy team.


“I met Achim while studying my BA in Germany, as my dream was to be a teacher. We fell in love and he convinced me to come with him to South Africa and to envision a new dream in the world of wine. I had grown up in the vineyards of Germany and so I made the move. I saw my role in Achim’s dream as being a teacher in a way – to tell of our vision and the style of wines we create, to educate others on the history of the varietals, and to share my unique knowledge of wine having grown up “in the field”. Inspiring connection through shared knowledge is the greatest talent a teacher could possess, and I hope to have achieved that in my career at Haute Cabrière.” ~ Hildegard von Arnim


Hildegard continues to share her passion and personal insights with special hosted tastings and cellar tours, and supports the team with her warm words of encouragement and generous smile. You may see her in the Tasting Room from time to time, sharing tales and swapping stories in German, English, French or Afrikaans with guests and wine fans from across the globe.

Tanja von Arnim at Haute Cabrière History Wall


Having entered the family business in 2020, Tanja von Arnim joined her brother, Takuan, as the second generation of von Arnims to lead the estate. The siblings have now fully taken over the reigns from their parents, guiding the team, brand and business development – and the estate is only going from strength to strength. Tanja’s energetic passion for life and people is evident in everything she does, while her eye for detail keeps our team on our toes. She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere – always with a smile, a joke, and great idea to create even better experiences for our guests. The ultimate hostess, Tanja has reshaped not only the menus and experiences at our Franschhoek estate, but also the physical space through a restaurant, bakery and tasting room that are as welcoming and beautiful as her own home. She guides our hospitality and marketing teams to create an experiential brand underpinned by our vision – to create moments for people to share in together.


“The heartbeat of our business is the women in management roles. I see their passion and their dedication not just to the business and our customers, but also to their teams and the people of Haute Cabrière. As women in the industry, it is so important to encourage one another to grow and achieve, to celebrate each other’s successes and to be there to help each other get back on the horse when we fall short of the mark.” ~ Tanja von Arnim



Jodi Jacobs Haute Cabrière

We caught up with our Export and Certification Manager, Jodi, and what being a woman in the wine industry at Haute Cabrière means to her.


Q: How do you bring your unique perspective as a woman into the Haute Cabrière world of wine?

A: I would say, relationship building. Women often excel at building strong relationships with customers, partners and within the team.


Q: How do you foster a supportive environment for women in your workplace and encourage each other’s growth?

A: We ensure equal opportunities for women to take on leadership roles and receive recognition for their contributions.


Q: In the spirit of Women’s Day, could you mention a female mentor or colleague who has inspired or influenced you in your career?

A: One of my standout moments as a woman working in the wine industry was working with Director of SAWIS, Yvette van der Merwe. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from her is how to support other woman and develop strong leadership.


Q: What advice would you give to a young woman considering a career in wine?

A: Belief in yourself. Have confidence in your abilities and believe that you have the potential to achieve your goals. Knowledge is empowering. Invest in your education and continuously learn new things related to your passion.

Jesamine September in the Haute Cabrière Cellar


An integral member of the Wine Cellar Team at Haute Cabrière, Jesmine heads up our Quality and Compliance at the estate and is responsible for ensuring all the wine that leaves the cellar is ready to be enjoyed by our wonderful customers – yes, every bottle has Jesmine’s personal stamp of approval.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in the wine industry?
A: The wine industry is a unique industry with so much growth and opportunities where you can tell and sell your story. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world. Always follow your dream.

Q: How do you bring your unique perspective as a woman into the Haute Cabrière world of wine?

A: Through attention to detail. We as women can create something beautiful from nothing, because we always try to see the beauty in everything.

Q: How do you foster a supportive environment for women in your workplace?

A: Through true support – always have an open door policy and congratulate each other on the wins (big or small). If we don’t hold up each other’s crowns – who’s going to hold up mine?

Q: In the spirit of Women’s Day, could you mention a female mentor or colleague who has inspired or influenced you in your career?

A: My mother is a phenomenal woman 😊 Lessons I’ve learned from my mom: you can always rise above your circumstances, never give up, and always make God part of your plans and everything will fall into place.

Q: Share with us a wine-pairing recommendation for a hypothetical “Women’s Day Celebration” dinner:

A: Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose Cap Classique and cheesecake! Bubbly is a celebratory drink and Haute Cabrière is known for its amazing bubbly. Decadent cheesecake is a spoil for most palates and women are so deserving of every spoil they get. So on Women’s Day – eat cake and drink bubbles.

If we don’t hold up each other’s crowns – who’s going to hold up mine? ~ Jesmine September

Haute Cabrière restaurant team
Haute Cabrière Cellar Team



”Let us raise our glasses to the remarkable women in the wine industry who have shattered glass ceilings and poured their passion into every drop. Let us continue to break barriers and uncork new possibilities, for our dedication and talent know no bounds. Here’s to our resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit in this ever-evolving vineyard of opportunities.” – Tanja von Arnim

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