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Haute Cabriere Tranquille Sparkle

Tranquille Sparkle – every day! By Natalie Roos, @tailsofamermaid

A glass of ice-cold Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Réserve around a midsummer feasting table. A generous pour of Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir Réserve in front of a crackling fire in the heart of winter…

But what to open when you need an easy drinking wine to suit any meal, celebration, season or reason? Something light and sparkly that works as well around the pool as it does as part of life’s celebratory moments big and small. Something that pairs well with food, but can also be enjoyed by the glass (or bottle) on its own. Allow us to introduce you to Tranquille Sparkle. 

A bottle of Haute Cabriere's Tranquille Sparkle sparking wine

This traditionally-crafted sparkling wine offers a refreshing and delicious taste that can be enjoyed…well, all the time. New to the Haute Cabrière family, Tranquille Sparkle pays tribute to the beautiful versatility of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes in a fun, delicious, and truly delightful way. The introduction of the Tranquille Sparkle marks the exciting evolution of the much-loved Tranquille wine into a range all on its own. 

The new Sparkle is fresh, vibrant, and naturally-fermented for lively bubbles, with elegance and depth from bottle fermentation for three months. Fresh and fruit-driven, with notes of strawberries, lemon zest, and tropical fruits on the nose, followed by a light and refreshing palate with bright acidity, this sparkle is light in alcohol and perfect for all occasions. 

Haute Cabriere Tranquille Sparkle
Haute Cabriere Tranquille Sparkle

Picture a summer afternoon whiled away outdoors, seeking pockets of shade between the hours enjoying the sunshine with friends and family. Spread out on a picnic blanket at a Kirstenbosch summer concert, with the sun setting behind the iconic mountain, your favourite local artist on stage, popping a bottle of Tranquille Sparkle and enjoying a cold glass together. Or seated around the braai, the smell of wood smoke heavy in the hot air, the sound of a popping cork punctuating laughter ringing out across the garden and pool.

Thoughts of autumn evoke thoughts of crisp morning air filling your lungs, as summer tans fade and all around you, vibrant leaves float down from the trees. Our Tranquille Sparkle is light enough to sip over the course of an afternoon enjoying the beauty of the season, with enough time spent in oak to add roundness and body making it a great companion for a cosy evening wrapped in a blanket chatting with friends as dusk turns to night.

Winter can be long and dreary, but the pale salmon-coloured Tranquille Sparkle brings some much-needed sunshine to those grey days to spark memories and cherished moments. Add a bottle to your bag for epic Kruger safaris, escapes to Europe for summer, when heading over to a friend’s house or taking some me time at home. The bright sparkle, light taste and refreshingly low alcohol is sure to lift your spirits during those winter months. 

New beginnings in Spring bring inspires brunches with friends, garden parties, hikes (and those first few tentative, chilly trips to the beach). Pair Tranquille Sparkle with your favourite brunch dishes, like smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, with fresh pool dips and icy ocean plunges, and with time spent outdoors. We love to add a little Sparkle to our spring with a lively mimosa to welcome longer days and warmer weather.

Haute Cabriere Tranquille Sparkle enjoyed with friends
Group of ladies enjoying bubbles at sunset with a view

Whatever the season, or the reason, Tranquille Sparkle has incredible versatility to suit any occasion, a variety of meals, and most wine palates. We especially love a glass with dishes that offer a little spice and those with fresh, luxurious elements such as Franschhoek Smoked Trout and cream cheese. As our newest release from the Haute Cabrière wine cellar, it’s sure to be a firm favourite for every celebration, every destination, and every day. 

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