Haute Cabriere Wines for Valentines Day Gift

How to choose your gift of wine…

Haute Cabriere Wines for Valentines Day Gift

It’s that time of year … when you either hear romantic music in the wind and see butterflies, or dread the onset of shelves full of cellophane and fluffy creatures holding hearts.

However you feel, we like to think of February as 28 (or 29) days of things to love and appreciate. It’s a month to celebrate your greatest loves, whether that’s your partner, your favourite shoes, your perfect wine, summer sun, or the eternal adoration of your pet. There’s something to love each and every day.

With the lifting of the alcohol ban, wine makes the perfect gift this February for any and all wine- lovers. Whether you decide to give a gift of wine to someone special, a good friend, a future bride, or yourself, this February is going to be rosé-tinted.

Haute Cabrière Wine Club

The best place to start is always with your personal favourites. It’s why we always ask Cellar Master Takuan von Arnim what’s he’s drinking each month and enjoying the most, so that we can share these with you as our top picks. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the playing field, think of your friend, partner or spouse and what they enjoy. Have they recently mentioned trying a new varietal they liked? Do you know they love Pinot Noir, but are yet to be converted to Chardonnay? Here are the top selections for gift this month from Cellar Master Takuan von Arnim’s, as well as how to match them to the perfect recipient …

This is your fail-safe ‘I know they will love it’ wine and for anyone truly special. Everyone adores a bottle of chilled Cap Classique morning, noon or night, and our Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose is truly magnificent. If you needed an additional reason to get weak at the knees for Cap Classique this month, the method of turns 50 this year in South Africa! So we truly have honed the craft by now and our Cap Classiques are exceptional.

Our Belle Rose was named by Takuan’s grandmother, who when seeing the colour in the cellar remarked “Beautiful Rosé”, belle rose in French. This wine is a tribute to Pinot Noir, the light rose hue is welcoming and romantic, the sweetheart of the Pierre Jourdan range.

Suggested perfect pairing: 
Breakfast in bed | Accompanied with loved one’s credit card and permission to shop | Salmon


Inspired by those who enjoy a little added sweetness, the Belle Nectar Cap Classique takes all the delights of Pinot Noir and celebrates a slightly sweeter palate. This rosé Cap Classique is the youngest member of the Pierre Jourdan family and is certainly the trendsetter as far as Cap Classiques go.

If you are new to finer art of wine enjoyment, this ones helps bridge that gap, giving you the joy of bubbles, versatility in food pairing, an introduction to the joy of Cap Classique.

Suggested perfect pairing:
Whenever possible | After taking the fur kids for a walk | Pastries 


It’s impossible to suggest a glass of Rosé without smiling. There is something about a pink hue that wraps you in a cloud of love, happiness and comfort, the perfect choice for white, red, and rosé wine-lovers.

Made from Pinot Noir, known as ‘the heartbreak grape’, this rosé has resulted in nothing other than happy hearts and has become one of Takuan’s firm favourites. It’s a lot of hard work from vine to glass, but the rewards outweigh the challenges and rocky road – and don’t we all know someone who fits this description? This is the perfect gift to show them that they are worth it and there’s no one else you’d rather have by your side.

This wine has a generous mouthfeel and a soft finish. Enjoy an elegant, dry rosé with aromas of strawberries and rose petals. 

Suggested perfect pairing:
Romantic dinner | #WineWednesday | Find a reason, any reason 


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