Haute Cabrière Wine Tasting in Franschhoek

Discover the Haute Cabrière Range of wines…

Haute Cabrière Wine Tasting in Franschhoek

Made for life’s moments…

The von Arnim family of Haute Cabrière and their passionate team have been making wine for over 25 years. The focus has always been creating notable wines for people to enjoy during life’s moments with a meal.

For momentous occasions, to life’s daily pleasures, think – great wine, great food, great company. Easily identified by the bold colour blocking of the boxes, the range includes various shades of the Burgundian varietals – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Styles include wooded and unwooded, pioneering blends and single varietal focus, as well as white, rosé and red wines – all underpinned by just two noble varietals. The range is as dynamic as it is delicious, and beloved by drinkers across South Africa.

While everyone has their personal favourite, the beauty of the range lies in its appeal to all palates. This makes it the perfect collection for events, dinner parties, and those ‘I’m not sure what they drink’ moments. Keep reading to find our more about the wines you love, and the wines you’ve yet to try…

An ode to Chardonnay, a varietal for which we live and breathe (a tad dramatic – but we do love it!).

We spent two years finding the perfect vineyard blocks for this wine. Complemented in the range by the Pinot Noir Unwooded and Pinot Noir Rosé, this release is a celebration of unwooded Chardonnay styles and the versatility of this varietal.

Enjoy | Lychee and citrus on the nose with lime and pear on the palate. Well- balanced acidity adds freshness and complexity to this wine.

Made for | Good food, good company and enjoying great wine outdoors.

Maiden vintage | 2020

Fun fact | The colder winters of the Franschhoek valley really suit Chardonnay as they require a great number of Cold Units (amount of time vineyards need below 10’c) to have an even bud burst in spring.

A recent gold medalist in the 2021 Rosé Rocks Competition, each vintage is incredible fun to create and has an amazing fanbase! For us, we cannot say rosé without smiling. There is something about the pink hue of our Pinot Noir Rosé that allows us to happily view the world through rosé-tinted glasses.

Enjoy | A generous mouthfeel and a soft finish. This elegant dry rosé loves food and expresses aromas of strawberries and rose petals.

Made for | The setting sun and weekends away.

Maiden vintage | 2019

Fun fact | There is little to no skin contact on this wine. As soon as the grapes are destemmed, they drop via gravity into the press and immediately the free-run juice is drained away. (Skin contact time impacts the colour of the wine.)

A pioneering blend, this wine came about by complete (and fortuitous) accident! 

During a very hot harvest in 1994, the team were picking grapes for the Pierre Jourdan Brut Cap Classique. But disaster seemed to strike when it was discovered that the sugar content was rising faster that we could pick the grapes! The result was fruit that was not suitable for making a classic Brut…

However, Achim’s innovative thinking came to the rescue and he directed the team to instead use the grapes in the creation of the first ever South African Chardonnay Pinot Noir still wine blend! When trialled with family and friends, the wine received rave reviews and has continued to be made by us ever since.

Enjoy | The freshness of Chardonnay with the body of Pinot Noir. Citrus notes are underlined with firm acidity, while white peach, lychee and red fruit come through on the nose.

Made for | The setting sun and weekends away.

Maiden vintage | 2019

Fun fact | There is little to no skin contact on this wine. As soon as the grapes are destemmed, they drop via gravity into the press and immediately the free-run juice is drained away. (Skin contact time impacts the colour of the wine.

The lighter side of Pinot Noir, this minimal intervention wine is a showcase of our passion for the varietal.

It is fruity and juicy, and was made for being enjoyed all year round. This wine was created to err on the softer side of Pinot Noir and is perfect for traditionally white wine drinkers looking to try red wine (we even recommend serving it slightly chilled).

Enjoy | An abundance of red berries and soft tannins, perfect in any weather.

Made for | Casual soirées and garden parties, warm weather and chilly winters.

Maiden vintage | 2011

Fun fact | In the 1st half of the fermentation process, this wine is treated as a red wine. BUT, in the 2nd half we treat the wine as a white wine – taking it off the skins early and allowing the fermentation to finish in the tank. This enhances the fruit flavours and ensures a lower tannin structure.

We love letting our wines rest a while in the cellar – they do, after all, journey from our vineyards to our underground cellar and onwards to your table. It can be a long journey, and breaks are required.

Our Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir Réserve spends 10 months in hand-selected oak barrels. During this time, the oak brings out the very best characteristics of each vintage. It then spends a further 15 months finding itself in the bottle before it’s released from the cellar. No heartbreak here – only big love.

Enjoy | Red berries and cedar wood on the nose, with hints of truffle, sour cherries and spice on the palate.

Made for | Life’s daily victories and special family moments.

Maiden vintage | 1994

Fun fact | The Pinot Noir vines used are completely different to the vines used for our Cap Classique production. The berries for this wine are smaller and the bunches are more tightly packed, yielding more colour and flavor as a result.


Our second pioneering blend in the Haute Cabrière Range, we had an ‘aha’ moment for the Arnim Family Réserve . We looked to Syrah as a way to contrast and enhance the characteristics of Pinot Noir in a new and exciting way. The results? Well, they have been even greater than we could have hoped…

A full-bodied blend where the best of each varietal absolutely shines. It sounds odd, but it really works! Trust us, we know innovative blends. These two very different personalities come together in perfect unison proving opposites can attract and the unconventional can be magnificent, just like our founding family.

Enjoy | Rich colour and intense red fruit with spice on the nose, followed by hints of cedar from 18 months in French oak barrels. The palate is layered with well-balanced tannins.

Made for | Family (an especially to impress the in-laws).

Maiden vintage | 2018

Fun fact | This blend was inspired by tales of early 1900 Burgundy, and we knew we had to share it with our wine family

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Haute Cabrière Wine Tasting in Franschhoek


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